Echoes of Failure

Escape and Reactivation

The following are the notes generated by Rusty during the first campaign session:

A large Pirate air-ship came ramming through the walls of our dungeon prison and pirates poured out to fight the prison guards. Presumably, they are here after something or looking for something else because they seemed completely uninterested in the prisoners themselves. The Pirates were made up of a motley crew (I remember a Half-orc and a halfing).

As the party members escaped prison and get items and things, the group stumbled upon an old room where they uncovered a 1000-year old robot. Also in the room a note was discovered mentioning that the Master crystal Gynomancy undulation force fluctuating intensity nexus (McGuffin) was being assembled in the Castle we were in (Castle Nelvin). The robot, upon reactivation, revealed his desire to find and destroy this McGuffin and joined the party, thankful to be reactivated and therefore might be able to complete his mission.

The party listed below then set-off into the unexplored dungeon:
-Nikhum, the shifter warden, made of primal meat, defender of … stuff
-Myrrh, the shifter ranger, one-eyed archer-sniper
-Oris, the deva avenger, body-painted holy warrior
-Orin, the deva wizard, orb-wielding arcanist
-Gob, the githzerai druid, summoning master
-Rusty, the warforged artificer-warlord.

Some strange archaic writing was found on the walls of the dungeon. Not much could be gleaned from its content as it was perhaps a millennium old.

In one direction, the party found a massive chamber that had been inhabited by goblins. We learned these goblins have been routinely attacked by humans, though it is unclear which humans and why. This chamber was left mostly unexplored.

Backtracking, the party discovered a small ante-room with a chest filled with (for lack of a better term) Warforged Batteries – aka Warforged Meth. Unfortunately, for reasons we seem to not yet know, a very horde of zombies attacked the crap out of us.

After the Zombie defeat, we proceeded down a long corridor, where we were set upon by guards protecting a large room whose purpose is not immediately clear, but might be related to Warforged in some way as the writing on the wall of the hallways suggested. After a grueling fight, guards and mages began to flee as it became clear the party was about to overwhelm them.

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